Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Black Belles Are Awesome

The Black Belles are a garage rock band who are friends with Jack White, released their album on his Third Man label and sound as if the White Stripes had become all female. Dressed in Victorian garb and rocking the socks off of all who listen to them The Black Belles self titled debut is a killer rock and roll record that defines what it means to seriously kick butt. These girls so easily take garage rock and mix it with metal and come up with a lethal and sexy concoction that it all seems like it’s second nature to them.

The Black Belles is a rough, raw, and rocking record whose riffs chug and churn while Siouxsie/Karen O like screams and bashed drums and bass lines power the album through every conceivable blockade put in front of them. These girls kick some serious bootay and while they may be Belle's on the outside the power of rock and roll has unleashed an unquenchable hunger within each member that is unstoppable. These girls are all about overpowering you by any means necessary and they’ll succeed. Trust me. This is fantastic stuff that is unrelenting and sounds like the soundtrack to the best and most violent movie Tarantino never made.

Taking 60's influences roughing them up a bit and then adding a bit of metallic spikiness to the mix has allowed The Black Belles to come up with a formula of rock and roll that they can call their very own. While the idea may not be completely original, the sound and songs they come up with is and it's simply awesome. The Black Belles is a deadly record filled with seductive songs, catchy choruses and powerful guitars played by one of the coolest bands to strut across the planet and in Victorian garb no less.

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