Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Band of Skulls Rock

Band of Skulls know how to rock. This should come as no surprise; after all, if you name your group Band of Skulls there's a certain level assumption that you kick some butt. Their new album Sweet Sour is a power chord overload of epic proportions that's a moody post-grunge masterpiece waiting to explode.

With humungous chunky riffs, massive choruses, and way more power than a power trio should rightfully have, Band of Skulls seriously kicks out the jams. And while they occasionally dip into the ballad bucket, for the most part they sound like a clash between The Kills, a metallic Manic Street Preachers and LA Guns. This is whiskey fueled rock and roll that makes its presence known whether you want it to or not. Taking bass, guitar, and drums and turning it past 11 these guys create murky slightly dark but ridiculously catchy tunes that sound like a bulldozer on a pop rampage. It's fantastic stuff whose huge riffs would make someone like Angus Young green with envy.

Sweet Sour is all about power; power chords, overpowered drums and powerful belted out vocals. When you combine all these elements together there's enough power to keep a small city under bright lights for an eternity. Sweet Sour is electric and it's charged with enough excess energy to blast you back a mile. This is an awesome record and its beautiful blend of pop hooks, gritty riffs, and metallic soul will grab you by the throat and never let go.

Band of Skulls might come from the sleepy British coastal town of Southampton but they have a sound that could conquer armies and with Sweet Sour firmly in tow they might just do it. This is such a fantastic record that if I was rich I'd buy you all a copy just so you could understand.

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