Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Classic Education Release A Classic

The first thing you come to realize about A Classic Education is that they're NOT British. No, A Classic Education is actually Italian but you'd never, ever know that based on their songs. While one member is actually Canadian, the band hails from Bologna but sounds as if it were lost in NME's C86 cassette all those years ago. Their album Call It Blazing is a fantastic indie pop album that's indeed classic; so classic in fact, that had it been released in 1986 it would have entrenched itself at the top of the Indie charts.

Call It Blazing sounds like the best record that Sarah Records never released. Imagine The Field Mice, The Sugargliders, The Go Betweens and say someone like Biff Bang Pow and you kind of have an idea of the sound that A Classic Education are after. It’s a sound they pretty much capture and make their own throughout this album and that’s a good thing. Jangly guitars, reverbed guitars, echoy ghostlike vocals, airy songs, and wistful lyrics give Call It Blazing a classic indie feel that sounds so British it makes it difficult to remember that these guys are Italian (uh and Canadian).

A Classic Education are amazing at what they do. They've so successfully tapped into that classic mid-80's British pop sound that it will leave you in awe. Call It Blazing is the sound of 1986 and it's songs are so achingly awesome, brilliantly twee and yearning to be British that it's impossible not to like them. This is a great record from a great band and regardless of where they might be from their hearts and songs will always belong to old Blighty.

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