Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Novalima Make Classic Sounds Modern

Peruvian natives, Novalima have just released their third full length album entitled Karimba. Karimba is a journey through history and the travels of Afro-Diaspora of sound and struggle. As usual the band takes classic Latin influences and mixes them with modern sounds to create an enjoyable mix that's instantly classic.

Taking Afro-Peruvian influences and fusing them together with electronic, dub, and modern Afro-beat Karimba turns songs into timeless works of art that span the decades. It's gorgeous stuff that is rhythmically brilliant and will work on just about any dance floor out there. With its electronic undercurrents Karimba is perfect for the club while its classic sounds and percussion is perfect for hot sweaty nights on a packed dance floor. These two dynamics are awesome together or on their own and Novalima uses both of them perfectly to create seductive global grooves.

This is an energetic record that features traditional Peruvian instrumentation such as the Cajon as well as horns, accordions, multiple vocalists, and more percussion than you can shake a stick at. It’s all here and sounds so well together that it will leave your ears in ecstasy. These guys are ridiculously tight and the kinetic nature between members penetrates the songs. You can not only hear but feel how the songs here are vivacious, sexy, and very, very good.

Novalima have taken classic sounds modernized them and made them more relevant than ever. They've given their native sounds cross-over appeal and a global vibe. Karimba is an awesome album that features top notch musicianship, songs, and grooves. It’s so good, in fact, that this is your summer soundtrack four months ahead of schedule.

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  1. "Karimba" is the fourth and not the third full length album. Previous ones are debut-album "Novalima" [2003], "Afro" [2004], and Coba Coba [2008].