Monday, November 12, 2012

The Future of the Left Is a Plot Against Common Sense

There's math rock, there's spazzcore, there's post rock, there's post punk and then there's the Future of the Left. Crazy to the point of needing to be committed, this group of musical nutters is literally all over the place and refuse to compromise on controlling the chaos around them. Their album The Plot Against Common Sense is a frenetic, kinetic, and nervous ball of energy that builds up into an explosive sub genre of rock and roll that's the Future's own.

Perhaps sounding like Black Dice meeting The Fall in a knife fight with the Locust and An Albatross, Future of the Left make a racket; a lot of racket. Guitars seem to tear tear themselves apart, vocals shrill, scream, and scrape, drums bash, grind, and explode and The Plot Against Common Sense is quite possibly the soundtrack to the end of the world. The Plot Against Common Sense is not a record you listen to, to unwind. Oh no. This is a record to get wound up to, to excise your aggressions with, to not go quietly with. It's a record that's out of control played by a band who may or may not know what that word means. It's awesome stuff and it's mixture of every post-genre known to man combined with it's sense of aggression is so overwhelming it will crush you.

The Plot Against Common Sense is mayhem and it is awesome but it might be too much for some. You see the Future of the Left are not an easy band to get into. If you're remotely organized, polite, quiet and unassuming then The Plot Against Common Sense will scare you to death. If, however, your life is a disorganized disaster and coould come unraveled at any point then these guys will inspire you.

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