Monday, November 12, 2012

Goodbye Labrador Have Done This A Thousand Times Before

With an almost Smithsian grandeur about them, Goodbye Labrador take on their latest EP A Thousand Times Before. And truth be told, they do a bang up job with creating sweeping, majestic, and dramatic pop that's slightly ethereal, crystalline, and in the end utterly gorgeous. Coming together in an almost transcontinental express-like fashion Goodbye Labrador cross borders with a sound that's jangly, lovelorn, filled with drama and sounds like it came straight out of Manchester circa 1986.

A Thousand Times Before is a brilliant record. Its six songs sound and feel vintage despite being brand spanking new. Their lilting, shuffly, and ridiculously catchy. This is the sound of the Independent Top 20 brought bang up to date and it's marvelous. If this EP is anything to go by the bands next album should be spectacular in every sense of the word. If you like sweeping, majestic and swoonsome pop these guys are your new best friends and I bet even Morrissey likes them.

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