Thursday, November 1, 2012

Parallel Thought Explores The Art Of Sound

Parallel Thought is an independent hip hop group that have been making the rounds appearing on all sorts of records. Fresh off their latest collaboration with Dell the Funky Homosapien the band has finally had time to release their first true solo effort. Entitled The Art of Sound, it's exactly as the title says, a piece of hip hop artwork.

Complete with instrumental hip hop, atmospheric grooves, chilled out rhymes and an almost ambient approach to constructing tunes, The Art of Sound is anything but your usual hip hop record. This album truly is a work of art that's creatively pieced together using lush synths, downtempo beats, jazzy and soulful influences and enough sampled sounds to keep crate diggers busy. If you can imagine a more abstract DJ Shadow you're kind of on the right track when it comes to Parallel Thought. Crafty and inventive, The Art of Sound is a fascinating excursion into the world of instrumental and angular hip hop.

Having spent a fair amount of time with The Art of Sound, I think it's ok to say that Parallel Thought should spend more time constructing and piecing together their own records instead of others. The Art of Sound is an ingenious effort and is filled with intriguing rhythms, dark beats, and lush soundscapes all put together within the confines of hip hop. This is the sort of record that breaks down barriers and inspires folks to experiment; it's what these guys are seemingly doing here and it works well for them. The Art of Sound is a gorgeous record and it's opulent and innovative nature helps it stand head an shoulders above it's peers.

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