Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cold Night Tend To My Dying Soul

Cold Night's EP, My Dying Soul is a four track record of detached, departed, and devastating atmospheric death metal. Primarily ambient and utilizing a lot of synthesized sounds, Cold Night create a semi-gothic land in which the dead shall rise and the dearly departed float amongst us. This is the soundtrack to the afterlife and, in fact, when the vocals of one woman apocalypse Hypothermia kick in it sounds as if they were recorded from there.

My Dying Soul is an intriguing record filled with desolation, despair and the ghost-demon growls of said vocalist and creator Hypothermia. Haunting, detached, and vast My Dying Soul seems to stretch on for an eternity with your soul in tow. It's queitly disturbing, depressingly heavy, and devastatingly detached in a way that might just scare the bejesus out of those who catch wind of it unexpectedly. What more could you ask for in a four track EP? Death never sounded so out there.

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