Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Xerxes Live Up To History

When you name your band Xerxes you have a lot to live up to. You see Xerxes was a Persian king who was beyond powerful. Having suppressed a revolt in Egypt, he fought against the Greeks defeating them once, and even built a bridge across the Hellespont. The dude was powerful to say the least. With a near godlike status and tales that are legendary, naming yourself Xerxes leaves you with some big shoes to fill. Thankfully for this group of Kentuckians they do a pretty good job of maintaining his powerful name. Their album, Our Home Is A Deathbed is a blast of grinding scenetastic mayhem.

Coming off like a classic Mid-90's post hardcore, grind, sludge, white belt band Xerxes take death-like vocals, post screamo yelps, and churning post-indie rock riff attacks and come up with a bulldozer of a record. Our Home Is A Deathbed is a swirly, heavy, and brutal affair that crosses the boundaries between genres so easily that it's hard to keep track of. Riffs at times are melodic and then switch to being the sound of a blitzkrieg attack on your ears while the vocals rip the rest of you in half. It's awesome post-everything and Xerxes blaze through the eleven songs here like a tank division in a feeding frenzy.

Our Home Is A Deathbed is awesome stuff. Xerxes mix together an ferocious combination of sounds that come together in a feral rock and roll aberration that will leave you beaten, bruised, and defeated. This is the sound of modern day power and the eleven shots fired across your bow are not only meant to scare you but beat you into submission. Resistance is futile, you will listen to Xerxes whether you want to or not.

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