Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ED Sedgwick Sweat It Out With Heat Wave

Holy mother of remixes. Some singles are short and sweet, some on the other hand are so incredibly huge that it's not even really fair to call them singles any more. That's the case with ED Sedgwick's new single for Heat Wave. Clocking in at an incalculable eleven mixes the single is really an album with so many different takes on the original it's nearly impossible to keep up with them all. Remixes bounce off of remixes and collide into acapella's and the whole thing is a dance floor destructor of such proportions it might just have to be made illegal.

ED Sedgwick are awesome as is but when you add remix talent from the likes of Triobelisk, Pink Skull, Gold Corner, Davis White, Greg Saunier and many more you have a smorgasbord of styles, genres, and remixes to choose from. Sure not everyone of them is spot on or great but for the most part Heat Wave is very good. It's a post punk synth pop electronic battle weapon so deadly you'll need kid gloves just to listen to it. Think The Rapture but with more grooves and boy girl vocals trading on and off while the whole thing comes off the rails. It's amazing stuff and proves once again that the ED kids are really like the best undiscovered massive talent in this country. Heat Wave is as essential as food and water. Seriously.

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