Monday, July 9, 2012

The Spittin Cobras Strike

The Spittin' Cobras are a beat combo who play melodious rhythms in which you can dance to. Read that again. Believe me? Of course you shouldn't...what do you think a band called The Spittin' Cobras sounds like? Mantovani? Or pure chaos unleashed? If you guessed Mantovani you are wrong. The Spittin' Cobras are metal horn fingers throwing metal of the utmost quality. Their latest record Year of the Cobra is a throwback to when metal and stoner rock first met head on in a bloody collision of rifftastic proportions.

At times sounding like Pantera, Sabbath, Motley Crue (??), Dio, Motohead and every other butt kicking metal band that makes you want to RAWK out The Spittin' Cobras are grindy, thrashy, raw, fast, and completely chaotic. Guitar riffs ricochet all over the place, godly guitar solos shatter ear drums, drums bash at a speed that's close to breakneck and the vocals growl, grind, and scream so loudly that my monitor cracked. This is amazing rock and roll folks and Year of the Cobra is a butt kicking, whiskey swilling, fight starting, fast car driving, and good time. This is the way metal should be; no posturing, no posing, no black hair dye; just plug in, crank it up and kill everything in sight. It's amazing.

Year of the Cobra is a Marshall Stack attack of epic proportions. This is the kind of record that turning it up to 11 means means you might not survive. The Spittin' Cobras are keeping the denim vest over leather jacket, fist pumping, hi tops wearing brand of metal alive and well. This is such a ridiculously good record that if you've ever had hair past your shoulders you just need to stop whatever it is your doing right now and go get this record. This is the sound of mayhem and it's amazing.

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