Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We Cut Corners Go Home Backwards

When you name yourself We Cut Corners you kind of set yourself up for some harsh criticism so you should make sure you're darn good at what you do to avoid it. Thankfully, this Irish band is exactly that...darn good. This is a band that answers the question what Placebo or JJ72 would sound like if they were hyper and on speed. Their album, released in Ireland in 2011, Today I Realized I Could Go Home Backwards is shorter than the time it took me to type out the title and ridiculously good.

They might only be a two piece but they play enough tricks on your ears and mind to make themselves sound huge. Thrashy, spunky, and energetic We Cut Corners write short songs packed with noise, turbulence, and snappy hooks that poke holes in your brain. Today I Realized I Could Go Home Backwards is filled with falsetto vocals, off kilter guitars, and bashed drums that when combined together create a right screechy racket that's rather awesome. So while in a round about way they do indeed cut corners with song length the record is still a great listen and long on good tunes.

Today I Realized I Could Go Home Backwards is the sort of record that would make Brian Molko go back to cross dressing. It's dissonant, flustered, and slightly aggressive in it's attempt to blaze through all the songs here. While the band does occasionally slow things down to a snails pace, the songs still remain no longer that three and a half minutes allowing them to cut corners. This is pop music with an agenda and it doesn't have time to waste on anything else. We Cut Corners are called what they are for a reason and you can hear the proof of that all over Today I Realized I Could Go Home Backwards.

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