Monday, July 9, 2012

The Swerve Wonder

The Swerve are a band that haunt the ether. They're a band between worlds, trapped in the haze, and lost in a dream. Taking shogazing and mixing it with electronics and trip hop as it sees fit allows The Swerve to create this swirly cosmic sounding music that's like a gift from the gods. Their latest EP Wonder is a slightly twee but altogether gorgeous record that is ethereal, sleepy, and very, very hypnotic; think the Cocteaus you can sing along to. The band easily creates the mood of this record with lush synth washes, distanced vocals, and a sense of a drifting of into the netherworld. It truly is awesome stuff.

Now, if you take that already beautiful single and add a whole host of remixes from the likes of Rubicon 7, Some Ember's, Hyde Street, and just for the heck of it leave an instrumental version on there you have one slice of perfection. While a couple of the remixes do kind of venture into near Radiohead-ish sonic experimentation (see the Some Ember), The Rubicon 7 remix is another slice of heaven and the instrumental mix is just an adventure into beauty. The Swerve has done a nice job all around, then, in making this feel just like a dream and there's no wonder in any of that.

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