Monday, July 9, 2012

Keep Shelly in Athens & Her Own Dream

Lost somewhere in the haze of chill out, chill wave, trip hop and ambient lies Keep Shelly In Athens. Their latest EP Our Own Dream is a dizzying array of atmospherics, trippy rhythms, dubbed out bass lines, and seductive vocals. Had the Sneaker Pimps released this in 1995 it would have gone triple platinum and been in more movie soundtracks that you could ever hope to purchase. Its awesome stuff that's pretty much 21st century baby making music for the apocalypse.

Lush keyboards wash over your ears as the vocals whisper in between and cleanse your mind of all thought while dubby and tripped out beats move like sine waves in the night. It's all very post modern post apocalyptic beauty and it's amazing. Our Own Dream is an example of how elements of dubstep can exist within other realms of music and work to its advantage. The drawn out bass lines and staggered beats only serve to add to the ambience of the work here and makes the whole thing sound like one aimless journey in your sleeping subconscious. Our Own Dream is awesome stuff that couldn't be better titled if a psycho-analyst tried. If you love the whole chill wave thing and enjoy a bit of post shoegazing bliss you'll definitely want to Keep Shelly In Athens.

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