Wednesday, July 11, 2012

White Arrows Strike Back

White Arrows' latest single Fireworks of the Sea is a sun drenched Balearic indie pop slice of heaven. Pieced together with ethereal guitars, danceable beats, and out there in the middle of nowhere vocals it's a perfect three song slab of summer fun and it's otherworldly nature makes the whole thing stick out like a sore thumb. While I couldn't tell you what the heck they're singing about White Arrows' balmy Balearicism is so hypnotic that it's impossible not to move around to.

If you can imagine Paul Simon as the missing member of New Order you have a good idea of what Fireworks of the Sea is all about. If indie dance music can be worldly, chilled out, and ridiculously catchy all at the same time then White Arrows is it's poster child and they do a darn fine job of conveying it's joys throughout this record. Fireworks of the Sea is a fantastic single that ends before it begins and leaves you craving the rays of sunshine they generate. White Arrows take aim for your ears and they launch Fireworks of the Sea to hit them...they do a good job as they've just hit right between them three times over with this single.

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