Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camden Crawl Is Back

It's hard to believe that The Camden Crawl has been going on for nearly twenty years. This annual rite of spring is an epic festival featuring so much talent in one location it's hard to fathom. The festival covers just about every aspect of music and genre on the planet and it all cross pollinates in Camden over the course of several days. As if to prove that point the Camden Crawl Mixtape 2012 is a chaotic blend of musical delights that's hard to resist.

Consisting of sixteen tracks and sixteen different bands covering metal, dubstep, indie pop, indie dance, and everything in between Camden Crawl Mixtape 2012 is an eccentric mix of epic proportions. while not everything will appeal to everybody this slice of sonic skullduggery paints a clear picture of what Camden Crawl is all about. From the brutality of Arrows of Love to the synth pop sexiness of Chew Lips and everything in between this is a feeding frenzy of fine tunes that you'd be crazy not to obtain. Better yet...just go to the festival and experience all this first hand.

As the Camden Crawl approaches and celebrates another year the Camden Crawl Mixtape 2012 reminds us why we love the thing in the first place; it brings the coolest new bands to the forefront of the music industry all in one location. Camden Crawl Mixtape 2012, like the festival, is an essential sort of thing that's the perfect preparation for the fest. This, simply put is sixteen slices of awesomeness.

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