Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Japanese Popstars Go For A Ride

When the Japanese Popstars ask you to go for a simply cannot resist. The groups latest single RS27 is a mind numbing, car racing, cowbell clanging electronic journey at a thousand miles an hour. "RS27," is a massive tune that's ridiculously catchy, fast, furious, and fantastic. In other words this is one ride worth going on. Awesome wavy synths accelerate into infinity as drums race along picking up the pace along the way and the whole thing sounds like a road race and the sort of thing that inspires unsafe behavior.

With two remixes and two B-sides sitting next to it, RS27 is an absolutely massive undertaking. If there's a song that kicks your butt this summer or becomes the soundtrack to Formula One racing this would be it. When you throw in the two B-sides, "Bopper," and "Static," the whole thing becomes unstoppable machinery at work. Bopper is a slaphappy electro banger that skitters its way across the dance floor and disappears into some clangy techno territory; it's nice stuff. "Static," on the other hand starts off as this minimal dark tune that sort of just buzzes around until the static takes over and it fades out and closes the single.

The Japanese Popstars have continually unleashed barrages of good stuff and RS27 is no different. From the B-sides to taking a ride The Japanese Popstars are constantly turning tunes at a high rate of speed.

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