Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jonathan Sibha Comes Out Of Nowhere

I don't know too terribly much about Jonathan Sibha. Their latest record, the oddly enough named, Jonathan Sibha is a quirky indie record that has a bit of a Of Montreal, Sondre Lerche, or maybe even Stiff Records feel to it. It's all sugary sweet melodies, jumpy guitar work, and lackadaisical vocals arranged in a near power pop configuration and it's all quite good.

Sibha does a fantastic job of jumping all over the place on this record and their ability to shift moods and melodies when you least expect it is fun to listen to. They draw out vocals on one song and then sugar coat them with syrup on the next. And just because they can Sibha jumps around like mad men with frenetic guitars only to let the piano do the moody talking on the next track. The guys have a flexibility to them that allows them to create diverse and intriguing songs that never out stay their welcome. For the most part though, Jonathan Sibha is energetic despite it's bouts of moodiness. It's a very likeable record and Sibha knows how to play with your ear drums all to well.

They might be an enigma for now, but having spent some time with Jonathan Sibha I can say that it's only a matter of time before everyone figures out who these guys are. Sibha's ability to create power pop in a variety of ways is a tribute to his strength as a songwriter. Layered with moodiness and energy on top of each other Jonathan Sibha is a record that's a joy to just listen to. Sibha is clearly on to something here and lets hope subsequent albums develop their characteristic sound even further.

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