Monday, July 9, 2012

Tayisha Busay Lays The Groundwork

Tayisha Busay's Heartmeat/Lovemuscle single is a melodic synthpop gem shining in the summer sunshine. Minimal in its approach but massive in its hooks the single quickly sinks its points into you and refuses to let you go. Utilizing a bare minimum of beats spaced out between washed out synths the song makes its impact felt with each repetitive downstroke. When you add in the trios vocals over it all, you have this mini-chillwave synthpop stunner that will leave you breathless.

Heartmeat/Lovemuscle is a fantastic preview of Tayisha Bushay's album Focus Virus and if this one track is anything to go by, it's going to be a epic. Tayisha Bushay's minimal production, seductive vocals, and massive melodies should combine into something much bigger than the sum of it's three parts. In the meantime, Heartmeat/Lovemuscle is an essential track to have blaring out on a Sunday morning or evening. It's gorgeous and sparse approach will get your heart pumping.

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