Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Peter Peter Heads To The States

Peter Peter is a one man band who's far more than just the sound of one man. This singer songwriter from Canada takes the best of folk, chanson, indie pop, and Canada's awesome weather to create a mesmerizing record that's already garnered awards in it's home territories. Now released here in the States, Peter Peter may confuse some but enrapture most with his quirky lyrical beauty.

Peter Peter is an intimate little lo-fi folk pop album that at times sounds like Ian Brown in his living room and at others sounds like a gorgeous day in Quebec at the height of Spring. It's light, wispy, airy stuff and folk its OK to like. Why? Well, that's really because it's hard to consider this just another folk cliche. Sung in French the album reflects modern day Quebec in the sense that's it's language is predominately French, diverse, and ahead of the curve. As for what the songs sound like, if you can imagine someone like Jose Gonzalez being French Canadian then you've got an idea of where Peter Peter is coming from. While there's no "Heartbeats," cover to mention Peter Peter did win 2011 French Single of the Year for, "Homa," which makes an appearance on Peter Peter.

By the time you finish listening to Peter Peter you realize that it is fantastic. It's warm and yet isolated, expansive yet intimate, sad but's all of these things at once. I believe that's why I find this record good, it offers something more, it's wind swept and exotic and it brings something different to the table. Peter Peter is the kind of record that everyone should own because it's so darn heart warming and charming that it can make even the most ardent non-folk fan think, "that's not too shabby." There's a reason why Peter Peter has won awards and you can hear those reasons all over Peter Peter.

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