Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nias Knows She Would

NIAS is the latest group to harness the funk of 80's electro and turn it into something all their own. In touch firmly with their inner Chromeo, NIAS takes a bit of kitsch, a bit of funk, a bit of disco, and a bit of R&B and combine it into something that sounds like Sam Sparro having a bit of a personality crisis. Their latest EP, She Would is a five song exploration of the dance floor in all the best ways. Bright synths, soft pads and glittery beats power the single in a shuffly showdown that make your feet contort in directions you'd not expect.

She Would is a great single whose hook is instantly memorable and just about impossible to not hum in your head for hours afterward. This is funk done right and when you add a whole host of remixes from the likes of Maral Salmassi, Mendoza, and Saint Pauli who take the tune in all kinds of directions you have a slice of summer dished out to you on a mirror ball plate. This is a tasty treat of discotastic proportions and the kind of thing Chromeo probably listens to thinking that these guys have it going on. If like energetic sparkly synthetic pop this has your name written all over it.

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