Monday, November 12, 2012

Suite 709 Are Movin' Up

Straight out of the big school of rock and roll comes Suite 709. Graduating with honors they've learned the lessons of huge songs, bigger hooks, and soulful singing from the masterclass of radio friendly tunes. They're such masters that their album Night & Day is like the best thing that Maroon 5 never released! Happily sitting in the middle of the road, Suite 709 are waiting for the world to catch up to them and make them the rightful stars they should be.

With a bit of funk, a lot of soul and a whole bunch of rock and roll Suite 709 have a little bit of something for everyone. They have songs that soar, songs that kick a little butt, songs that are unforgettable, and ballads that swoon. It's all here and it's over flowing with massive potential. These guys are clearly on the verge of becoming something like a Coldplay, Hootie, Dave Matthews; a massive crossover band that sells out every enormodome on the planet. Just listen to "Life Won't Let You Down," and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Serious, these dudes are destined for big things.

Night & Day is a big record with big aspirations. This is the sort of thing that's destined for radio play somewhere constantly. Suite 709 have just begun to tap into their potential here and one suspects with a few bucks and some time these guys are going to realize that potential. So, my advice to you is if you like mainstream rock and roll/pop get on the ground floor with Suite 709 because they'll be moving on up.

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