Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Elk Have Daydreams

Canadian band Elk, despite the rustic connotations of their name, are not backwoods fairy folksters. Oh no, this four piece are full on rock and rollers who snow plowed their way out of their garage into a recording studio and laid down the tracks that would eventually become their album Daydreams. Straight out of the rock and roll revival of the early 2000's and on to the scene a bit late, Elk turn up their amps, tune down the guitars and kick out the jams and jangles. Despite their tardiness, Daydreams is an energetic, 60's inspired record that's groovy and pretty darn good.

Utilizing a whole host of vintage sounds and influences Elk create this all out 60's vibe that alternates between pure rock and roll and paisley pop. Melodies are everywhere here and guitars either jangle or groove on demand while drums crash and carry the vintage vibes along. It's a fantastic record that sounds much older than it really is; it's the sort of thing that just feels like 1968.

Mixing garage, surf, psychedelic, and pop influences together so well that stylistically the lines are blurred between them all Elk approach songwriting with an open, albeit old fashioned, mind. I think that it's one reason why this band and Daydreams is so great, they're so versatile in their songwriting that they refuse to play by any one genre's rules.

Sounding a bit like The Drums in a fight with Hermans Hermits while in the Sonics garage, Elk get their 60's on while being completely modern about it. Daydreams is a fantastic record that's melodically awesome, musically inspired, and solid the whole way through. Daydreams is a great rock and roll record that doesn't pretend to be anything but and I think that's what's appealing about it; its honest and pure in all the best ways.

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