Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crytps Prepare For The End

When you name your band Crypts you kind of set yourself up for certain critiques. I mean I think it's pretty safe to assume that these guys are not shiny happy people nor do they play paisley pop from the West Coast of California. With a name like Crypts, you've got to be dark, really dark, nearly dead or at least pretty close to shuffling off your mortal coil and thankfully for these noise punks they are. Taking no wave turning it upside down and beating it up with synth punk and chillwave, Crypts come up with the sound of the dead rising from their graves to destroy the planet.

Their self titled album is like Suicide mixed with Crystal Castles in a knife fight with The Faint. It's violent, noisy, disturbing and the sort of thing that will scare those around you if they catch wind of it. This is the sound of the end, this is what the Mayan's envisioned on December 21st; it's chaotic, shambolic, and a complete wreck but it's amazing. Imagine if you will a world in which Trent Reznor actually acted on all those violent impulses he's had over the last twenty years; that's the kind of world Crypts operates in. Crypts is loaded with synths on overload, duct taped drum machines, smoke machines spewing forth pollution, vocals that sound like they were recorded in a barrel and am overall sense of doom. What's not to like? Crytps are not merry men and actually seem excited to be providing the soundtrack to the end of days.

Crypts isn't pretty, doesn't sound crisp and isn't catchy in the slightest. That being said, it's apocalyptical sounds are mind numbingly brilliant. This is a violent, aggressive, punishing record that will either kill you or make you more resilient. If anything has encapsulated mankind’s destructive nature better than Crypts has I'd be really surprised. Until the end comes I suggest you spend some time in Crypts.

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