Monday, November 12, 2012

Jon Lindsay's Summer Wilderness Program

Jon Lindsay is an Oregon born, North Carolina raised singer/songwriter/multi talented musician who has released two critically acclaimed EP's, a debut album and another debut for his side project The Catch Fire. To say this guy is busy would probably be an vast understatement. So, how in the world he found time to record his latest solo album Summer Wilderness Program is beyond me. Yet, he did and it's a underground gem of power pop perfection.

With a bevy of instruments and a slightly vintage sound to them, Lindsay at times gets in touch with his inner Elvis Costello while finding some deep rooted Athens indie pop influences as well. The result is that the album is filled with extremely catchy, upbeat and almost shiny songs that glisten like gold. It's a fantastic record that's heartfelt, well written, and engaging. Pianos, sleigh bells, organ, horns, it's all here and then some and Lindsay crafts and shapes all these sounds into something that's as sweet as candy. Take all that and combine it with awesome melodies and harmonies and you have something pretty special. The guy can clearly write a tune and his ability to craft most of Summer Wilderness Program himself is truly impressive.

It might be fall and gorgeous outside, but I'd much rather take part in the Summer Wilderness Program. Jon Lindsay, despite being busier than a head of state, has taken the time to create a fantastic, effervescent indie pop record that's easy on the ears, easy to remember, and just plain good. There's not a lot to find fault with here and the fact that Lindsay did most of this himself while juggling seventeen thousand other projects is a sign of dedication to his art and his ability to turn out great songs whenever they are needed. Summer Wilderness Program is most definitely an impressive solo effort and one worthy of your time.

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