Thursday, November 15, 2012

Motion City Soundtrack Go

Champions of melodicism, Motion City Soundtrack have returned from the global war on noise with their latest album Go in hand. Go sees the band continuing its quest of conquering the world through harmony and upbeat songs while still sharpening their sound and straying further and further away from their emo roots.

Sounding like a slightly punkier Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack have essentially left the screams, chug a chug riffs, and tons of angst behind and become a full on pseudo pop rock band. Go manages to do this because melodies bubble up everywhere, guitars jangle, crunch, and churn while Justin Pierre's vocals soar above it all like Rivers Cuomo on overdrive. Go is filled with pure pop mixed with just enough distortion and frustration to give it an edge.

Go isn't bad at all, truth be told, and the band have honed their skills so much they've become nothing short of a well oiled radio friendly tune making machine. With songs so happy, spiky, and melodic they are sweeter than a gallon of chocolate milk and resisting these tasty tunes is nigh impossible. "Timelines," for example, is so syrupy and so sweet it could draw ants, give you cavities, and keep the sugar industry in business.

Worshiping at the alter of harmony and melodies Motion City Soundtrack over the course of their brief career have become so proficient and at ease while creating sugary sweet pop treats that it's almost become second nature to them. You can hear that ability coming into play all over Go. Motion City Soundtrack have matured into this massive pop tune gobbling beast of a band that unleashes volley's of saccharine bombs they call songs. There's a reason why this band has steadily become bigger and bigger over time...they've got the songs people want to hear and they're ready to Go. Which begs the question; are you?

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