Monday, September 10, 2012

We Were Evergreen Love The Baby Blues

We Were Evergreen are not a group of conifers but rather a power trio who love electronics, indie pop, and frivolity. The band’s latest single Baby Blue could very well be the feel good hit of the summer as both the a-side and b-side are jolly jaunts through jangly, fun, and playful territory.

Baby Blue is a whimsical record that utilizes the power of electronics, the gentle nature of guitars, and enough sugary sweet boy/girl vocals to melt your heart and win you over. The single is an indie pop gem that much like an Evergreen will live forever. These guys are the kind of band that you suspect Stephin Merritt listens to when he's not playing with his own electronic box of toys and if it’s good enough for’s most certainly good enough for us.

Thoroughly enjoyable, but depressingly short, Baby Blue is a very, very good single and is the sort of thing that’s well worth looking for.

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