Monday, September 10, 2012

Tedeschi Trucks Leaves Everybody Talkin

"So Mr. Pop I want an album that's bluesy, jazzy, and filled with rock and roll...what should I listen to?" Well, how about a little Tedeschi Trucks Band? If you like bluesy rock and roll with jazz flourishes you can't get much better than these guys and their live album Everybody's Talkin.

Filled with enough boogie blues, traditional instrumentation, jazzy touches, and rock and roll overtones to last a lifetime Everybody’s Talkin gives you more bang for the buck. The songs that make up Everybody's Talkin crackle to life as a live recording and the energy and musicianship of the band is undeniable. These guys can play and sing and they do it all with a level of enthusiasm that's impressive. Listening to Everybody's Talkin almost feels like a community jam session amongst friends...they're clearly having too much fun to be just another band. Everybody's Talkin is an impressive live recording and is packed onto two discs that kind of allows you to pace yourself and give yourself an intermission.

Everybody's Talkin is the perfect recreation of a festival night. The recording has that vibe and energy and you can tell by just listening to the audience and band interactions this is one heck of a show. This recording is so good that even if you don't like bluesy rock and roll you'll find yourself gripped by the songs that are contained here-in. So there you go Mr. Reader, Everybody's Talkin will leave you talkin' and listening and impressed by the talent and songmanship of Tesdeschi Trucks.

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