Monday, September 10, 2012

King Tuff Gets Tough

Despite looking like the old Alternative Tentacles Records logo, King Tuff do not play extremely heavy post everything. Rather this cleverly disguised band sound like an amalgamation of the Apples In Stereo and a tipsy garage rock band in love with twangy guitar. Their self titled album is a throwback to the days of Elephant Six records and indie pop with a tarnished edge. It's rambunctiously good stuff that's a bit simple but so darn catchy it's impossible to forget.

With fizzy guitars, childlike vocals, and lo-fi hooks that claw their way into your sub consciousness King Tuff is the sort of record that would have made Olivia Tremor Control blush. This is twee-ish, sugary sweet stuff that's extremely danceable, stupidly fun, and so in love with being young that you can't help but look at the cover and think, "Well played King Tuff. Well played." There's simply nothing tuff about this record...unless you try to not be swayed by its indie pop powers. If you can imagine your favorite twee pop band with a bunch of Big Muff guitar pedals and amps turned up to 11 you know exactly where King Tuff are coming from. Fuzzy and fizzy pop doesn't get much better than this and King Tuff is a blindingly good blast of sunshine and fun.

Clearly a book, or a record, you can't judge by its cover I'd love to see the faces on people who bought this thinking it was going to be heavy only to uncover this pop treat. King Tuff are awesome at what they do, they're songs aren't overly complicated, they're sweetly addictive and a whole heck of a lot of fun to listen to. This is the perfect indie pop cap to the summer as it's packed with enough sunshine to blind a man. King Tuff may not be tough...but they are very good.

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