Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Robbers On High Street Know Anything Can Happen

Robbers Oh High Street have always been a band lurking in the background. Whether or not lurking like that is a good thing or not is open for debate. But over the years the band has slowly but surely acquired a bunch of fans, released consistently awesome records, and written fantastic indie rock tunes. Their latest single Anything Can Happen is no different as this short but sweet record seriously kicks butt.

Consisting of four fuzzed out, rambunctious tunes Anything Can Happen has a vintage feel to it that hinges on psychedelia and beat pop. It's super cool stuff that's got a fair amount in common with power pop, The Beatles and whatever magic George Martin would weave for the boys. Anything Can Happen has horns, multi-part harmonies, ragtime piano bits, jangly guitars, jumpy drums, choruses that are instantaneously memorable and four songs that are all hits. Robbers On High Street have done a bang up job here and Anything Can Happen is the sort of record that looks lovingly at the past while leap frogging forward.

How these guys aren't huge is beyond me, I'm just glad I stumbled upon them years ago and have managed to keep track of them all this time. Anything Can Happen is the epitome of cool and whether it's pogotastic power pop or Rubber Soul-like psychedelia Robbers On High Street take it all and make it their own.

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