Monday, September 24, 2012

Mount Eerie Is Lost In A Clear Moon

Talk about busy; Mount Eerie is the definition of busy. No content with recording just one album, Clear Moon is the first of two albums Mount Eerie plans on releasing this year. Picking up where he left off with Wind's Poem this album sees Phil Elverum's legendary quiet intimacy spread its wings and soar. Clear Moon is an acoustic record with depth, thought, and the kinds of songs that even people who dislike the genre can enjoy.

Taking atmospheric pop and mixing it into a heady cocktail with quiet singer songwriter moments gives Mount Eerie a sense of depth, scope, and focus and the songs as a result seem expansive yet alone. This is quietly brooding stuff here that's lost deep in thought and searching for an end. Clear Moon however has no end; it continues to stretch beyond the horizon and just as you think you're about to reach continues. If you can imagine Red House Painters or Magnolia Electric Company lost in a post rock haze you have an idea of where Mt. Eerie is located. Scaling the heights of this mountain though is a difficult but beautiful challenge and Elverum has done an excellent job of creating his own little world in which his songs are left to their own devices.

With barely there vocals, washes of ambience, hints of beats, and just an acoustic guitar Mount Eerie sets off on an expedition with Clear Moon. This is the beginning stages of the journey and it's the scenic route that takes in all kinds of sounds, environments and ideas. Where the journey winds up is beyond our imagination and hopefully will be answered with Clear Moon’s companion piece. In the meantime feel free to get lost in this record that sounds as chilly and isolated as the group’s name; beautifully brilliant.

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