Monday, September 10, 2012

All Of Us Together With Teen Daze

Teen Daze is just like it says...they are total truth in advertising and their album All Of Us Together is like something out of a dream. Consisting of lush synths reverberating the sides of your skull while you drift off into the netherworld this is an album about interpretation, REM sleep, and getting lost in your mind. Teen Daze have constructed an electronic fantasy world in which synths wash over you, beats move you along, and the lack of vocals allows your mind’s eye to travel endlessly.

Having just re-watched Blade Runner for the zillionth time I'm almost convinced that All Of Us Together could make a suitable substitution for Vangelis' masterwork. The songs are futuristic, lush, and eerie at times, beautiful at others and most of all consistently good throughout. All Of Us Together is a fantastic album of instrumental synth pop that caresses your ears and cleanses your mind. It's absolutely gorgeous stuff that's creatively brilliant and musically stunning. There's really not a lot that's bad about this album, in fact, I don't think there's anything except for the fact that I wouldn't have minded some sort of sensual vocal arrangements to go along with the songs more than the buried moans in the background...but that's just nitpicking.

All Of Us Together is a futuristic record that belongs amongst a city in the clouds. It's sumptuous, opulent, and not of this earth. If there's a soundtrack to heavenly rain, this is it folks. Teen Daze might not be teenagers but they construct songs that will most definitely leave you in a daze. This is one highly recommended record.

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