Monday, September 10, 2012

Apollo Ghosts Find A Landmark

Canada's Apollo Ghosts are far to chipper to be members of the undead or be disembodied and on their third album Landmark you can hear why. Armed with jangly guitars, jumpy pop songs, and Saccharine-ish vocals these guys are a ray of summer sunshine in the Great White North. The band claims that Landmark is the most domestic and personal album they have ever recorded and I guess that's to be expected when you lock yourself away in a cabin. Isolation aside the question remains is the album any good?

Landmark is good stuff and it's packed with so much effervescence and spunk that it can barely contain itself. And yet despite all the joy and fun, the band find time to occasionally restrain themselves from jumping out of the picture and slow things down with atmospheric tracks and near ballads. For what it’s worth, it's those tracks that give Landmark extra added depth and prevent the whole record from being fifteen minutes long. For the most part, however, Apollo Ghosts speed their way through Landmark with most songs clocking in at under 2:30 and go by so fast that the band seemingly reach the end the record out of breath. This is pop music in a hurry and it's quite good, energetic stuff that's almost too hard to keep up with.

With vocals that hark back to 80's Britpop legends, jangly and fizzy guitars everywhere, a sense of urgency and sharp pop hooks Landmark makes an impact rather quickly. It's short, sticky, and sweet and it's the kind of thing you want repeat servings of. So go ahead take another taste and I guarantee you, you won't forget this Landmark.

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