Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Secret Love Parade Marches On

The Secret Love Parade isn't the super secret version of the now defunct German rave fest. No, The Secret Love Parade isn't even close; rather this group of Dutchmen plays sumptuous and slightly twee indie pop. Their album, Mary Looking Ready is a sweetly seductive pop record that's fragile, fey, and fantastic and after spending some time with these guys you'll wonder just how long this little love parade will be a secret.

Utilizing chilled out electronics, trip hop atmospherics, the odd jangly guitar and vocals that will melt your heart Mary Looking Ready is a completely huggable and loveable record. Heck even the cover is kind of adorable so you kind of know what you’re getting before you get it. The Secret Love Parade sigh, saunter, and slink their way across each of the twelve songs here in a way that's not too far off from someone like The Knife if they were depressingly in love. It's utterly gorgeous stuff that washes over your ears and give you Goosebumps. It's chilly, cool, fragile and so sly about its hooks and choruses that you have to be careful otherwise they will catch you off guard.

The Secret Love Parade are so good at creating an atmospheric world in which their glacially cool but delicate pop songs reside that The Victorians Are Here is like a whisper from a dream. Mary Looking Ready is an awesome record. Its tweeness, chilliness, and sparse arrangements are quite mesmerizing and thoroughly enjoyable.

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