Monday, September 10, 2012

The Wonder Years Get Stoked

The Wonder Years have recently remixed and re-released their Get Stoked On It! album and whether or not it actually has made an impact is beyond me as I've never heard the original. That being said Get Stoked On It! is a cool pop punk emo record that's dripping with angst, young love, and fun. At times reminiscent of The Anniversary and at others like more mainstream emo, the band smartly use synths, boy/girl vocals, thrashy guitars, and enough yearning to last a lifetime. This is the sort of stuff that's happy/sad and so effective at wrangling melodies out of huge power chords and thrashy crunchy riffs that you’ll be left in amazement; it's quite impressive stuff.

Get Stoked On It! is filled with short bursts of sugary sweet angsty pop that skitter around, get nervous, feel awkward but ultimately soar skywards. It's remarkably catchy stuff that's hard not to enjoy simply because the songs are so surgically precise w/their hooks and melodies. It's pure science that works. And just when you think the sugar rush is at its peak, The Wonder Years get all misty eyed and sentimental and break just about every girls heart that listens. It's massively sappy stuff that could not be better.

From power chords to breakups to broken hearts and everything in between, The Wonder Years are a wonder. They're precise, sharp, and focused on conquering your ears and it's truly amazing that they're generally able to do this in less than three minutes. Get Stoked On It! is emo stuff it's ok to like because it's a rush, it's a flashback to the days of your youth, it's fun and hopeful no matter how much angst pulsates throughout it. The Wonder Years are right to ask you to Get Stoked On It! because you should.

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