Monday, September 10, 2012

If Only Nouela Chants

Nouela is the latest in the long, long, long line of singer songwriter/folk revival/acoustic whatever musicians who try so hard to not be boring by just strumming their way through songs. They give it the ol' college try but the end results are the same; another record that just doesn't have anything I seek in a tune. They try their darndest on Chants, they really do, but it’s just that it all sounds like the twenty other people, groups, and artists that pre-ceded them.

Chants really wants to come from that left-field edge where Bat For Lashes resides but it just doesn't have that quirkiness or sharpness to it. In order to be part of that club you have to have something off about you and it really doesn't sound like Nouela does. I mean don't get me wrong, they can play and they do come up with some good ideas but it all just sounds exactly the same. Folk music is tapped out, it's done, it's boring, and on the point of being a cliche of itself. And while Nouela try and take things in a different direction the songs are still unexciting.

Sorry guys, I'm just that not into you or the whole sound. I've already got enough quirkiness in my life and really there's always Bjork for that if I want it in mass quantities.

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