Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ben Browning Is In Love Motion

If the name Ben Browning sounds familiar, it should because you know him as the bassist of Australian electro megastars Cut Copy. While the band are hard at work on the follow up to Zonoscope Mr. Browning had some time to kill and decided to write a few songs. Those sketches were composed and put together with friends Gus Franklin & Haima Marriott and eventually became the Love Motion EP.

The EP is a nice, tidy, synth pop record that mixes the obvious Cut Copy influence with some ambient washes, jangly pop and slow motion disco vibes. The result is a record that's cheery, lush, and a lot of fun to listen to. Love Motion EP does it's best to avoid sounding like a Cut Copy record and while not a 100% successful the record easily stands on it's own two feet. It's all a bit poppier than the more club oriented jams of Cut Copy and the record takes on this kind of New Order like feel that while very danceable is still rooted in pop music with sugary sweet hooks. It's fantastic stuff all around so much so that even the instrumental stuff is worthy of a listen or two.

Ben Browning might be a member of Cut Copy but should things go pear shaped, the guy clearly has a future as a solo artist. Love Motion EP is the sound of the world in motion and it's a lovely sound. It might be a while before another Cut Copy record so this (and hopefully more) single is a nice substitute.

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