Friday, May 16, 2014

Thomas Blodet Creates His Futureworld

Washington D.C. producer and musical wunderkind Thomas Blondet has recently released his debut album Futureworld. Featuring a genre and influence bending multitude of sounds, Blondet creates a pan-continental global journey for the mind and ears. Having spent some time with this record and a few others it’s really got me wondering whether or not there’s something in Washington D.C. water that does something to producers up there. The amount of quality chill out that comes out of that city is simply staggering and Blondet’s Futureworld is leading the way.

Futureworld is the culmination of nearly twenty five years of experience from Blondet who, over the course of his career, has taken just about every kind of beat ever created and mixed it in with Arab, Latin, Indian, Balkan, and Caribbean influences. Easily one of the most open minded and creatively exploratory people on the planet Blondet does all this so easily that it never seems odd, out of character or bad. Futureworld’s soundworld is proof of that as it seamlessly blends Arab, Asian, and Caribbean influences into a hazy brew of infectious rhythms, chilled out beats and mind warping atmospherics. Blondet then takes all those sounds and carefully chooses vocal collaborations to layer on top of them to create even more diverse sounds. The resulting blend is like a math formula that's actually quite pleasurable.

If you want real, proper world music than Futureworld is the best example of that currently on offer. Blodet takes the listener on a journey throughout his debut and it’s a consciousness expanding chilled out trip around the world that carries the sounds and influences of the global community with it. Futureworld really is a vision of the future because it’s a statement of how small the world is becoming day by day and how music is rapidly becoming a communal and world experience to be shared by all. This is a gorgeous record that’s stunningly put together and is an impressive debut.

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