Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lily Allen Might Just Be Bigger Than Sheezus

She's funny, she's smart, she's snarky, she's British and she's absolutely brilliant. Lily Allen is back with her latest and she wants to be more famous than Sheezus. Having given music up for several years Lily Allen went on to get married, have a child, change her name, settle know normal adult stuff. But as any musician will tell you it's hard to just stop making music. Once that bug is in you it's in you forever and it's obviously got a very possessive relationship with Lily as Sheezus is the result of that insatiable itch to make a tune.

Well to say Sheezus doesn't disappoint would be an understatement. Sure, Lily is older, wiser, and has been out of the industry game for a while, but it's made her hungry, edgy, and so sharp you might just start bleeding from listening. Her wit is unbeatable and it pulsates through a vast majority of the songs here. Heck, the title track alone is gold simply because of her statement of intent and how she name drops more stars than a Grammy Awards show. It's really ironic when she mentions Katy Parry because one can't help but wonder if she would even exist had some US record exec not decided to make her the "American Lily Allen."

Anyway, the album swings back and forth between snarky moments like the title track and more sweeping swoony pop songs that shows Lily at her most vulnerable and insecure. Check, "Take My Place," and "Insincerely Yours," as examples of this. Sure they're heartfelt but there's still that bit of snappiness to them that's her trademark. While, I prefer the poppier moments on the disc, it's a nice change of pace and gives you time to catch your breath and share a “quiet moment” with the album.

Sheezus is a fantastic return to form and really a nice gift that I'd never expected to receive. I mean she did "retire," after all so the fact that she's produced a clever, wry, and brilliant album is awesome. Welcome back Lily it's good to have you back!

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