Friday, May 16, 2014

Euforquestra Light A Fire

Euforquestra’s fourth album Fire is a funky treasure trove of tunes that weaves its way between soulful blasts of brass, far out funk and chilled out reggae vibes. Not too shabby for a band based out of Colorado…then again in light of certain laws taking affect, these guys make total sense. Regardless of location, Euforquestra are one heck of a band that melt snow with songs so hot and so darn funky that you can almost see them oozing out of your speakers.

The tunes are huge and a bit retro infused so that at times it sounds as though Fire were released in 1974 and sound tracked a variety of Super Fly movies. The stuff is as catchy as the Ebola virus and just as difficult to shake off; it’s just too much. You simply can’t forget the riffs these guys come up with and when those horns blow through it’s all over. This is the sort of record that Flea listens to for ideas and inspiration. And who can blame him? The basslines are ridiculous and the hooks are as big as the Rocky Mountains. Let there be no doubt, these guys know how to play and play they do.

Jazz, soul, funk, dub and reggae all fuse together in a harmonious blend of grooves and brass explosions that make this record a sweaty and energetic experience. When the band are allowed to take over and express themselves through those influences it’s almost like a musically religious experience. Fire is a fantastically fun and funky excursion that stops at variety of musical ports and brings the party with it. Euforquestra are energetic and incredibly talented and after four albums it’s easy to see why they’re still around…they just can’t stop playing and writing songs that move.

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