Friday, February 5, 2016

Try The Pie Takes A Rest

Try the Pie is the project of one Bean Tupou who creates wilting twee acoustic pop that sounds as if Kim Deal was giving you a long aural hug.  Her latest album Rest is a sweet and tender little record that sounds so twee and fragile that it might just crumble apart while being listened to.  With barely any production or barely any sheen Rest breaks your heart with just the vocals of Bean who whimpers and whispers across the record.

There's nothing complicated about Rest but there doesn't need to be because Try The Pie still comes up with delicious song concoctions that melt your emotions into a giant puddle of teary goo.  Rest is so heartfelt and so genuine you can't help but love this record.  I can't stand acoustic music but Bean's voice is just so dainty and adorable my heart melts every time she sings.  Rest is an enjoyable listen of intimate and fragile indie folk.  It's not the best sounding or produced but Try The Pie has some of the most delicately beautiful tunes to come across my ears in a while.  It's not an upbeat or energetic release but it's a perfect aural valentine and it's filled with a genuine sense of love.  And that, that's pretty cool

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