Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bosley Tunes In The Dirty Dogs Radio Show

Picking up where Bosley left off earlier this year with his ridiculously catchy single, Are We In Love, the man with his soul trapped in 1973 continues to write rhythm and blues influenced tunes that are simply stupendous.  The Dirty Dogs Radio Show is a soulful record that’s as lost in the past as it is lost in funk and fun.  Bosley has a knack for finding rare grooves and bringing a pop flair to them that elevates them to the next level.  Whether it’s a ballad or a floor burner Bosley finds a way to bring a bit of funk , a bit of groove and a whole lot of catchiness to everything he does.

Complete with a nine piece orchestra there is simply nothing that Bosley and his band can’t or won’t do to lay down a solid groove or funky breakdown.  With more horns than a horn factory, The Dirty Dogs Radio Show glistens with the sound of brass and brightens every song that they appear on (which is most).   The rhythm section lays down thick grooves and fat beats that drive songs out of the studio and to the dance floor and Bosley’s semi-falsetto passionate vocals lay on top of it all and are as sweet as sugar.   Even when Bosley leaves the retro-soul behind and goes all modern the songs still work because there’s enough of a funky groove to carry the tune back to the past; see “American Gurlz,” as a perfect example of this.

The Dirty Dogs Radio Show is a fantastically fun record that’s upbeat and groove-laden.  The record is an energetic work out that jumps back and forth between retro and future soul with equal amounts of success. With the retro soul thing sort of becoming cliché it’s interesting to hear someone bring a new take on the genre.  The Dirty Dogs Radio Show is not a 100% original but it is convincing and thoroughly enjoyable.  If you like to get down or just like a funky fun time… The Dirty Dogs Radio Show is well worth tuning in to.

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