Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Postal Blue's Album Of Love And Other Affections

The latest album from Postal Blue Of Love and Other Affections is a classic indie pop record in every sense of the word.  Harking back to all those classic Sarah records you wish you had in your collection the record jingles and jangles as if the days were always sunny and warm and as if falling in love was the best possible thing that could happen to anyone at any time.  There's nothing complicated about what Postal Blue does but they do it with such panache and classicism you can't help but fall in love with these guys.

Of Love and Other Affections is ten songs of jangly bliss that never lets you down.  For the most part, it's always upbeat and poppy even when it's at its most “bitter.”  Even the slower downtrodden moments on the record aren't too shabby in that twee depression sort of way.   Of Love and Other Affections will remind you of the Field Mice at their best.  The first three tracks alone are masterclasses on how to write an indie pop single of the week.  Postal Blue have delivered a solid record here and there's so little that's wrong with it, it would be nitpicking to mention anything.

Of Love and Other Affections is easily one of the better indie pop records to come out in 2015 and further proves how Jigsaw Records is rapidly entrenching itself as one of the best twee pop labels in the world.  Postal Blue are heirs to the Field Mice's throne and if you ever liked a jangly guitar in your life you owe it to yourself to listen to this album repeatedly.  

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