Thursday, February 4, 2016

This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death According to Thee Koukouvaya.

Thee Koukouvaya’s album This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death is an atmospheric and near ambient soundscape with the occasional diversion into trance and deep house.  As one might think with that sort of pedigree, Mythology is a beautiful and lush record that maintains its gorgeousness even when it goes full on dance floor crazy.    This is a record that’s easy to get lost in and is very absorbing because of how hypnotic and crafty Thee Koukouvaya is at creating and manipulating their unique sound palette.

Most of This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death is an expansive experiment in ambient sounds and haunting beats.  The record is a minimalistic dream come true with stray sounds, broken beats, whispered noises and things that create a spooky world in which Thee Koukouvaya conducts its aural research and development.  This isn’t the type of record filled with catchy choruses or things that you’ll remember, rather, it’s the sort of album that surrounds you and washes over you with constant waves of oblique beauty.  

There might not be much to latch on to with This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death but the record never ceases to captivate.  It’s an imaginative sound collage created in an ever expanding ambient world that’s easy to get lost in.  I love records like this because once you slip your ear buds in they transport you to another time, another place, and another world and it’s the sort of thing that drains and cleanses your mind with the purity of its existence.  This is the sound of ambient in 2016 and it’s wonderful.

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