Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Desert Dwellers Solve The Great Mystery

It seems only fitting that a record recorded on the road, in airports, airplanes,  hotel rooms and produced in multiple cities in multiple nations has global and diverse feel to it.  The Great Mystery has that feel and that vibe to it as the production team known as Desert Dwellers create trance soundscapes that expand beyond national borders and enter the global groove conscience.  The Great Mystery sounds as diverse as the approaches it takes in creating atmospheric dance music.  From break beat to full on euphoric trance it’s all here and it’s absolutely gorgeously pieced together in an expansive infinite style that will give you goosebumps.

The diversity of this record stems from its inability to remain limited to any one genre palette.  Name a soundworld or style and more than likely Desert Dwellers have placed it somewhere in The Great Mystery.  This record is such a breath of fresh trancetastic air that it makes me dizzy.  The lush atmospherics that Desert Dwellers come up with when mixed with their crisp spring-like beats transport you into another world that’s chilled, serene, and absolutely stunning.  So many great grooves and textures reside within this record it’s almost impossible not to feel elevated to a higher state.  Desert Dwellers have done a fantastic job at creating a classic trance/deep house record that would sit fine along a collection of Platypus or Hooj Choons records. 

Upbeat, euphoric, and diverse The Great Mystery is no mystery at all.  It’s as heavenly as a warm spring day, as lush as the Amazonian jungle, and as groovy as Timothy Leary playing with chemicals.  Desert Dwellers are an awesome unit and The Great Mystery is a classic work that’s easy to solve and simple to get lost in.  This is the state of trance in 2015-16 and it’s gone back to being globally groovy.

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