Thursday, February 4, 2016

SPC ECO Plays With Dark Matter

For those of you who are old enough you’ll remember that Dean Garcia was in the monumentally awesome post shoegazing band Curve.  If you can remember that than you might remember their second album Cuckoo and just how dark in tone that record was.  Dean Garcia’s new project SPC ECO seemingly picked up where that left off and took it to the next logical progression with Dark Matter. 

Downtempo and with more atmosphere than most planets, Dark Matter is a deeply sensual trip hoppy affair that is less early 90’s shoegazing and more turn of the century post comedown.  The songs that make up much of Dark Matter flow into each other so seamlessly the album just rolls like a dark clouds passing through the midnight sky.  It’s a beautiful and lush record that uses ambient guitar work and whispered haunting vocals to cast its spell over you.  And it wins, because if there’s one thing that Dean Garcia can do it is the ability to write one heck of a song.  These songs might not be upbeat pop songs but they work well under the cover of darkness and will haunt your soul for ages and that’s pretty awesome. 

SPC ECO isn’t Curve but they pick up logically where Curve should have left off.  Dark Matter is a fantastic listen that shows overwhelmingly that Dean still has the knack for creating essential music no matter the genre.  I went into this record thinking it was going to be some Curve re-hash but was blown away when it wasn’t.  Dark Matter is downtempo the way it should be played: ethereal, otherworldly and slightly creepy.     

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