Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mark Van Hoen Has Nightvision

Mark Van Hoen’s album Nightvision is so aptly titled that it’s almost fair to judge this book by its cover.  Nightvision consists of ten tracks from a dark sunless future world where Blade Runner is come and gone and the apocalypse happened generations before.  Mark Van Hoen creates a bleak, minimalistic landscape of sounds that haunt your brain and let your imagination run wild.  It’s a post-Eno ambient masterpiece of synth goodness that expands beyond the universe into the great beyond.

With an army of synthesized sounds, ghost like murmurings, and a sound palette that is well beyond your imagination, Mark Van Hoen creates his soundscapes.  The songs Van Hoen has composed on Nightvision are post-apocalyptic electronic drones that loop and twist into infinity.  This is the sort of record where one song seamlessly bleeds into the next with barely any notice and as a result much of NIghtvision plays out as one 49 minute long dream.

Nightvision is an enjoyable listen on headphones and if listened to in a dark room could potentially cause insanity.  Its rich textures and sounds play havoc with your ears as your mind runs rampant in Mark Van Hoen’s soundscape; and it’s amazing.  If you like post rock, drone, ambient or just getting lost in a different world you can’t do much better than Nightvision!

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