Monday, June 16, 2014

The Bombay Royale Travel To The Island Of Dr. Electrico

The Bombay Royale are back with yet another imaginative soundtrack to a film that doesn't exist. This time our heroes are on The Island of Dr. Electrico and they're trying to find a way off.

Packed with all the drama, excitement, thrills, and romance that you'd expect from a Bollywood movie, The Island of Dr. Electrico plays and feels like a spy movie lost in an island off the coast of India. It's gorgeous textures, seductive melodies, and absorbing atmospherics make this "soundtrack" album feel like it's part of the best movie never made. The use of a random assortment of Indian instrumentation, percussion, horns and even strings give The Island of Dr. Electrico depth and texture while sounding authentically pulse pounding. Add in the occasional sound effects to this mix and you have a record that puts you in the middle of this motion picture that doesn't exist.

The Island of Dr. Electrico is a bit campy and at times a bit mushy, but it plays like an exciting hour of film that would be worth eating a bucket of popcorn over. From forest chases, knife fights, and romance it's all here and done with flair and fun. They may be resting on their laurels a bit here, but The Bombay Royale are creative enough to come up with mythological films that are fantastically fun and keep things interesting. All The Bombay Royale have left to do is meet someone like Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer and all their musical dreams could become reality! Someone needs to make this happen.

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