Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gold-Bears Dalliance Dazzles

Whether or not Gold-Bears second album was named Dalliance specifically after the Wedding Present's single of the same name is unknown. But having listened to this record repeatedly all day I can't help but wonder. In fact, Gold-Bears are so seemingly influenced by The Weddoes (and Boyracer) you can almost check off the songs that they're referencing throughout Dalliance. It's the ultimate homage to two fantastic bands and it's bloody amazing.

Gold-Bears waste no time at all on this disc and quite literally explode out of the gate with riffs blazing at a 1,000 miles an hour. Dalliance is noisy, jangly, chaotic, and fuzzed out to the point of being overly fuzzed out. It is speedy and shambolic and sounds like it's going to be torn apart at the seams but somehow, someway makes it across the finish line after 30 minutes. Despite the quickness and chaotic nature of this record, melodies are abundant and choruses immediately repeatable. More importantly, Dalliance is a massive amount of fun; it's energetic, embraces it's inner Gedge and jangles with fervor.

I love this record. It's simple approach, overwhelming enthusiasm and blindingly brilliant songs make it difficult to take it off. I know that the Weddoes are still out there and Dave Gedge is still writing great songs, but if the torch had to be passed today Gold-Bears would be a fine inheritor. Dalliance is an awesome effort, it's songs are sharp and catchy and this is easily one of my favorite albums of 2014. Perfection never sounded so crazy!

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