Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bio Ritmo's Puerta Del Sur

Richmond, Virginia is the last place in the world you'd expect to find a world class superstar salsa band, but for the folks in Bio Ritmo, they've always gone about things differently. Originally, started by two misplaced Puerto Ricans and a punk rock drummer 20 years ago, Bio Ritmo has slowly evolved into one of the most impressive salsa bands on the planet. Bio Ritmo's sound, dubbed post-salsa, pushes the envelope of the genre by expanding the sound palette that's normally accustom with the genre. They've helped pioneer a new generation of musicians who thrive on the spirit of experimentation that once defined the sound of salsa.

While this nine member band is heavily influenced by classic salsa, their latest album Puerta Del Sur is anything but traditional. Fusing their punk rock past with constant desire to experiment Bio Ritmo continually strives to push things forward. From horns to timbale's to strings to drums and guitars it's all here in droves. The result of this musical diversity is a cross pollination of sounds, eras, and genres that will have you cha cha-ing across the floor in a multi-cultural dance of epic proportions. With songs that are in constant motion, one guesses that's the general idea here and it’s easy to say having spent some time with this record that Puerta Del Sur is a stunningly impressive album. I, unfortunately, don't know how to salsa despite living in Miami for 20+ years, but after listening to Puerta Del Sur I feel inspired to learn

The sound of the Caribbean via Richmond, VA is what Bio Ritmo is all about. No other band from the state of Virginia or maybe even the country can bring the sunshine, the Latin flavor and enough Latin percussion then these guys. This is a diverse, cultural melting pot sort of record that makes me homesick for Miami and exploring Calle Ocho. One thing is for sure next time I head down south, Bio Ritmo will be soundtracking my journey. Diversity and rhythm has never sounded so good.

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